Blue Vale Structures – Board Room Mural

28 March, 2019

Blue Vale Structures in Glasgow are a facade retention and building clearance specialists. They have been in the same building in the East End of Glasgow for decades and are one of the main employers in the area, working or some major players on high profile projects throughout Scotland. 



They wanted to smarten up their board room and bring some fresh horizons to the space, the brief being that it had to add depth and interest to the room, reflect their Glasgow heritage but not be gaudy. There are big money deals done in the room so it had to look classy. 

We decided to do a greatest hits of Glasgow architecture, I did them a drawing and was three days on site producing the mural.

The painting had a very limited palette, just a shot of orange on the Duke of Wellingtons cone hat for a bit of humour. 

On this job i was also asked to do a bit of copywriting, i came up with a new motto for the company that reflected what they did and rendered it under the mural. i think the current plan is to start using the motto on the side of their trucks now too. I have plenty of time to think about things like this when I’m painting. 

The new space has the classy feel they were after and is making them look classy, affluent and forward thinking. Fingers crossed it helps Blue Vale go from strength to strength.

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Capita Mural on Morrison Street

28 March, 2019

In February of 2019 i was approached by Capita to paint a new mural for the front of their building. 

They had been having an ongoing problem with taggers which had cost them a huge amount in redecoration, eventually they decided to just get some street art. 

The lobby in the building had an Edinburgh vista so they decided they wanted to continue that into the street. i gave them a drawing and three colour options and they chose the sunset version. 

There was much excitement in the area when I started, though I think the neighbours thought I was just painting a blobby abstract. they told me in no uncertain terms they were following daily progress however and were happy the street was getting smartened up. 








Eventually the details of the buildings started to take shape however and the plan was revealed. 

There was actually very little white in this painting ,I wanted a really golden feel to the mural. 


Passers by and neighbours seemed to really like the final outcome and Capita themselves are delighted. Justine who got us in went out of her way to put us on the main site for the company and we already have anther commission coming out of this one. Great to leave happy customers my wake. 


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