• Bannockburn mural

    Bannockburn mural

  • Abandon ship

    Abandon ship

  • Tam O'Shanter

    Tam O'Shanter

  • Lion Rampant

    Lion Rampant

  • Rona


  • Colinton Tunnel

    Colinton Tunnel

  • Blue Vale boardroom mural

    Blue Vale boardroom mural

  • Witches & Fairies - Colinton Tunnel

    Witches & Fairies - Colinton Tunnel

  • Troll & Goats - Colinton Tunnel

    Troll & Goats - Colinton Tunnel

Chris Rutterford is one of the UK’s top mural artists and visionaries.

The scale of Chris’s projects are ambitious, pioneering and multidisciplinary.
He has a unique touching way of telling stories…

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Chris with Lion painting