Battle of Falkirk 725th Anniversary Mural

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If Scotland is in your heart, then this is your opportunity to take a place in Scottish history and stand alongside William Wallace and John De Graeme in this 725th Anniversary Mural. Now and for ever more.

In 2023, we are commemorating the 725th anniversary of the Battle of Falkirk.

This momentous milestone will be marked by a new visual masterpiece in Victoria Park in Falkirk.

Visualisation of the Falkirk Mural
The proposed Battle of Falkirk mural visualisation

The mural will be painted by Chris Rutterford, one of Scotland’s top mural artists and a true expert in the field of crowd murals.
Check out his spectacular Battle of Bannockburn 700th anniversary mural he painted in 2014.
Watch the video of that triumphant project Audience with Bannockburn here »

This new mural will depict the defiant moment that thousands of proud Scots stood firm, true and steadfast, regardless of the odds at the battle, lit by the golden glow of a sunset sky.

Location for the Battle of Falkirk Mural
The fountain today – location for the Battle of Falkirk Mural

The mural will be installed on the plain brown building built directly adjacent to the John De Graeme fountain in Victoria Park in the 1970s. The building is a poor backdrop for the recently renovated memorial fountain. The monument was a generous gift for the city from Falkirk born philanthropist Robert Dollar in 1912. It stands, where many people believe, the actual battle was fought and, Sir John died. Sir John de Graeme was William Wallace’s right-hand man, his most loyal and true friend. He fell by the great man’s side alongside thousands of other Scots at the Battle of Falkirk on 22nd July 1298.

The John de Graeme society in Falkirk recently renovated the memorial. The next step in their master plan is to cover the Thornhill Community Centre with an epic new depiction of the battle set at the beating heart of the schiltron. The aim is to turn this ugly building into a spectacular new symbol of faith and truth against the odds, and build a new attraction for Falkirk on the Wallace Trail.

The mural and fountain will be a focal point right at heart of the brand new Wallace trail. A new interactive heritage trail with spectacular new art, information boards and explanatory videos. All designed to commemorate and celebrate our heritage, key events and sites of historical interest throughout Falkirk and the broader region.

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Painting will start in January 2023, the goal is to install it in time for the Battle of Falkirk 725th Anniversary events on July 22nd 2023. 

Portraits of Scots are at the very centre of our plan and we call out to Scottish warriors, wherever you are, stake your place in this monumental new historic mural.

We are calling now for recruits to join the Wallace army to make sure this historic project happens. This is your chance to have portraits of you and your loved ones feature in an epic new mural.

All you need to do is sign up and send in a photo and Chris will paint you in.

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How to upload your photo

  • Take your photos outside in daylight
  • Avoid direct sunshine
  • Don’t use flash
  • ‘Try not to look at the camera and face slightly to your left –  (to the right by the photographer’s eye).
     If in doubt watch the video and follow the instructions there
  • Upload only pictures of people you want painted in
  • Any special requests, tell us in the “Useful information” box on the portrait order form


Individual portrait (one single head)

Medium £80
Large £150

Couple portraits (two heads)

Medium £140
Large £280

Group of 4 (four heads)

Medium £260
Large £540

It’s simple.
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