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The Big Wall project is a massive 60 metre long centrepiece mural that I built for the local community in Mayfield and Easthouses in 2014. One of the main goals was to involve the community in the actual manufacture of the picture, as well as featuring them in the content of the painting.
The aim was to help provide the community with a new visual focus that combines community involvement with a professional artist's skill and expertise.

I visited the primary schools of Mayfield and St Luke's to undercoat and start the painting. The boards had been pre-made for the project by McSense who dropped them off on the Monday... I was there all week and the kids did brilliantly.

I visited Mayfield and Easthouses to make massive nine metre group drawings with the kids. We were trying to get used to working together with freedom and expression, and to share the space.

I hired a large space in which to varnish the mural. It was too good an opportunity not to take some shots of the painting all laid out - it gives you an idea of the huge scale of the piece.

The mural is now complete and you can see our great documentary of its creation. watch the video