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Since 2010, we’ve been creating large collaborative artwork with schools and young people. These educational and interactive pieces offer an opportunity for kids to be part of a unique and extraordinary event.

A jigsaw-style mural in the nursery play hut at George Watson’s College in Edinburgh was the first foray into larger scale projects that involve children. This custom-designed wooden multi-piece artwork was painted on-site by a gaggle of enthusiastic kids, and it planted the seed of what could be achieved when many small hands work together (with a little direction from Chris).

The epic 70 metre long Big Wall / Mayfield and Easthouses mural was created by some 300+ children from local primary and senior schools, whose different ages and abilities worked together to create a truly unique and dynamic piece of artwork. This 2014 mural is now a permanent welcoming gateway to the community of Mayfield and Easthouses, and it has recently benefited from custom lighting, bringing a surprising night time experience to the area. 

2017 brought about two new school murals; firstly a massive four-part historic project again at George Watson’s College, which was inspired by the school’s curriculum and included the work of all of the Upper Primary School pupils. A more compact mural at Echline Primary School later in 2017 celebrated the school’s unique relationship with the Forth Road and Rail Bridges and the opening of the new Queensferry Crossing (which all of the staff and pupils were invited to cross during the opening ceremonies).

All of these projects included direct input and interaction with the children, in turn creating exciting and vibrant artwork, a unique memorable experience, and a significant sense of ownership and achievement for the kids.