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Octopus at Meadowbank Velodrome in Edinburgh.I am finding that my growing spray work projects are a liberating tangent in my career. The speed of execution and fluidity of the medium makes creating massive artwork almost instantaneous. What might take weeks or months in acrylic is achievable in hours and days in spray. Monster murals are freed up to feel more like my sketchbook work.

Coming relatively late to spray work means that I have very different influences to most street artists and I really feel that my twenty years of comic book and professional illustration experience are a big bonus in this art form.

Working alongside Scottish street artists on group paints feels like a natural extension of the community artworks that I have previously produced, such as the Big Wall project or even some of my crowd murals.

Over the last few years I have been collaborated with Spectrum Arts and WIPE (Work In Progress Edinburgh) helping to facilitate legal large-scale ‘free wall’ spaces for local street artists. The urban narrative in Scotland is full of bland, bedraggled and redundant walls - empowering local artists to change towns’ stories seems like a natural, affordable and sensible step for towns that are struggling for identity and life.

My personal preference is that street art zones feature a healthy mix of pictorial and written content, much like a medieval manuscript.

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