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Pictures with a ragged edge or stand alone figures can bleed into the world around them. They can also use the urban furniture as their background and enrich their environments' narrative in the process. I have developed a sideline over the last few years manufacturing sturdy shaped boards for use in businesses and homes that enliven thresholds and interiors in a subtle but dynamic way. In November 2013, Holyrood Palace commissioned me to produce a live painting painting event for their St. Andrew's Day. They wanted it to have instant impact, be appropriate for the setting and involve the public as much as possible. The palace is a stunning building with a long and varied history of royal residents; historical characters whose likeness is only defined by the approximations of previous portrait artists. I decided to build a series of recognisable cut out monarchs but without their faces painted in. During the event I approached and photographed doppelgänger visitors to the palace who could represent King David I, Mary Queen of Scots, Queen Victoria, George IV, and Bonnie Prince Charlie accompanied by a bearded Jacobite. By the time these visitors had finished their tour of the palace, I painted their faces onto the cut outs. The palace grounds were instantly repopulated with these celebrities of the past and the buildings' impressive background added authority to the paintings. The cut outs also provided splendid photo opportunities for the tourists throughout the day.